February Guest Speaker: ASK Friendship Centre

One of the projects that Soroptimist Vancouver has done for years is to sponsor the ASK Friendship Centre in our local community.

What is ASK & What do they do?

A. S. K. = The Arbutus, Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale Friendship Society

ASK Friendship Centre is an Adult Day Centre focusing on the well being of seniors and their caregivers. Their program is designed for seniors who have chronic health challenges or who have difficulty meeting their own social needs. There are opportunities to make new friends and have fun doing therapeutic activities with the support of a caring team of trained staff members.

60% of their clients are dementia patients. They enjoy routine activities, music and meals the centre has designed for them.

Their clients are individuals

  • who are socially isolated.
  • who without this service, would deteriorate in physical, mental, social and/or emotional functioning.
  • who because of physical, mental, and/or emotional functioning, are not suitable for attendance at other community programs.
  • who require restorative or therapeutic activities in order to achieve an optimal level of functioning.
  • whose care needs can be met in a group setting.
  • whose behaviour does not diminish other’s enjoyment of the program day.
  • who possess the necessary stamina to manage a typical Adult Day Program day.
  • who are capable of participation in Adult Day Program activities.
  • who appear to be capable of attending other community programs but require Adult Day Centre services because of severe isolation or unique physical or mental needs.

Services they provide:

  • Transportation to and from the program in wheelchair accessible vehicles.
  • Nutritious hot lunches.
  • Take-home meals, upon request.
  • Podiatry
  • Footcare nurse
  • Hairdresser
  • Information on other health and community resources
  • Support group for caregivers.

Specialized Therapeutic Programs they have:

  • Specialized exercises to improve strength and balance
  • Music Therapy and Sing-a-longs
  • Swimming
  • Horticulture Therapy
  • Community Outings / Day Trips
  • Discussion Groups
  • Crafts
  • Pet Therapy
  • Word Games and quizzes
  • Active games like Bocce Ball
  • Specialized Yoga classes
  • Gentle Tai Chi

The compassion and integrity supported by the constant improvement of the work of ASK and the wise allocation of resources will result in satisfied clients, families/caregivers, volunteers and staff.

To get more information about the ASK Friendship Centre, please visit: www.askcentre.ca


Location: 601 West 59th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mailing: 700 West 57th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6P 1S1
Phone 604-263-7333
E-mail: caring@askcentre.ca

Soroptimist Vancouver was very happy to invite Christine, the Executive Director of The ASK Friendship Centre as our guest speaker in our February Club Meeting.