First Meeting of Year 2014-2015

AGM & First Meeting of 2014-2015

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 6:30p.m.


Governor Heather Rollins (Soroptimist Western Canada Region)
Diana Palmer (Soroptimist Palm Desert, California)
Kate Salters (Soroptimist Foundation of Canada Grant 2014 Awardee)

Special Thanks to Gov. Heather who installed New Board and inducted New Members for SI Vancouver in the meeting.

“Keywords 2013-2014: Continuation & Encouragement — The purpose of Continuation & Encouragement is to let members feel proud of being Soroptimists and feel grateful for what we have today.”

“From all the projects, events and meetings we went through together, we learned more about our club and community, we were touched by those who have devoted their time and talents for our club and community, and we learned the connections and organizations that SI Vancouver has sponsored for so many years! We just feel proud to be Soroptimists in Vancouver!” ~ Ching S. (President’s Report)

Board of Directors 2014-2015:

  • President: Ching Shih
  • Vice President: Karen Brown
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Hermkens
  • Secretary: Claude Painter
  • Board of Director: Pat McKenzie
  • Board of Director: Carla Busnardo

“The focus of this year is on development. Our theme is: ‘Open Source’ — to open our sources for fundraising and project development. Members of Soroptimist, individuals or organizations in the public are welcome to propose and try their ideas for fundraisers and projects based on Soroptimist’s mission, which helps the girls and women in our community and the world.” ~ Ching S.

Committees & Chairs 2014-2015:

  • Fundraising: Karen Brown
  • Membership: Cora Salvador
  • Program: Carla Busnardo
  • Public Awareness: Melissa Briones
  • Live Your Dream Award: Pat McKenzie
  • New Girls Program: Vivian Tsang
  • Celebrating Success: Claude Painter
  • Fun Fun: Karen Brown

New Members:

  • Emoke Zimmermann
  • Vivian Tsang