The Power of Choice – Campus Safety Workshop Stage I

The first stage of the workshops is focusing on male-identified audience and elaborating the concept of the Power of Choice.

A powerful heart-and-eye-opening large group presentation to an all male identified audience on masculinity conditioning and gender stereotypes and how they impact the choices young men make regarding their behaviours and attitudes toward each other and in particular, toward girls and women. In this presentation the audience will be introduced to “The Male Code of Conduct”. The expectations and limitations of this male code, how to navigate it and how to find freedom through the concept of THE POWER OF CHOICE: the power that each individual has to choose what kind of human being they wish to be.

Bill has worked on gender and violence issues with youth and educators for over a decade. In his role as Director of the SafeTeen Boy’s Program, he trains the new SafeTeen Agents for Change and co-leads Educator Trainings locally, nationally and internationally. With humour and skill Bill invites the boys and men he works with to step into their full humanity with dignity and courage.

“I am a strong believer in the power of personal choice and heart centered action. My own personal journey and the undeniable impact on the thousands of young men I have worked with, give me an enduring passion for this work.”

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