Member profile: Janet Law – An Inspiration to Keep Yourself Alive

Janet is a Speaker at TEDxBearCreekPark on Saturday, April 6th, 2019.

Live Stream is available between 2:45- 3:45p.m.

Janet Law was born and raised in Vancouver. She has a background in education and creative arts.

She started her career as the education assistant at Burnaby Village Museum and then went on to complete a 3-year theatre arts diploma program. She extended her work life to include 16 years of employment at Punchlines Comedy Theatre where she worked in administration and promotions.

For the last 17 years she works as a Certified Breastfeeding Counsellor/ Consultant & Manager for Mothers Choice Products. In this capacity she is involved as a liaison in the community where she assists families with sustainable, high quality, parenting products and the tools necessary to create healthy family dynamics.

Photo source: TEDxBearCreekPark

Janet was diagnosed with aggressive HER 2 Nue Breast Cancer in 2001. She accepted the diagnosis but not the prognosis. She was saved by medicine derived from a YEW TREE. She is planting seeds that will help keep Mother Nature’s Medicine cabinet full. She is grounded & rooted in the transforming power of our forests so we can keep ourselves alive. She currently works in the HealthCare Field & is passionate about the healing & creative arts. She enjoys life fully & continues to have fun as a curious adventurer.

She brought the body back into harmony with phenomenal medical intervention, love and an enduring spirit of hope. She is living proof that cancer can be healed and that you can recover.

She continues to go forth in a spirit of fun, enthusiasm, empowerment and service.