Violet Richardson Award 2020 1st Place Recipient: Shaheema Nalir

I have been a member of the Kimount Boys and Girls Club (BGC) for 7 years and a volunteer for 5 years. The organization’s goal is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for children and youth to experience new opportunities, construct meaningful relationships, conquer obstacles and develop lifelong skills. The Boys and Girls Club continues to provide me with lifelong experiences and allows me to expand my leadership and communication skills.

To this day, I am extremely thankful to have an inclusive and welcoming space that has inspired me to give back to the club and volunteer for a community that provides so much for families that need it.

I would like thank the Soroptimist selection committee for recognizing me. I am honoured to be the recipient of the Violet Richardson Award of 2020.

I am extremely proud of myself for achieving this award because it demonstrates that my volunteer commitments have made a significant impact in my community. It feels amazing to be recognized because it shows my continuous commitment to my community. This further motivates me to pursue a career that will allow me to continue giving back to the community.