Violet Richardson Award 2020 3rd Place Recipient: Katie Zou

My name is Katie Zou and I’m a Grade 11 student at David Thompson Secondary. I have had the opportunity to volunteer at St. John Ambulance of Division 751c for the past six years.

I have been able to educate young kids, ages 6-10 about basic first aid skills – hoping that they would one day be able to help someone out when they are older. What really motivates me is the eagerness of these kids to learn. It inspires me to be the better version of myself so that these kids, especially young girls, have someone to look up to.
Through the power of volunteering, I believe that we can make our community a better place. It is up to the young leaders of today – who are passionate about first aid, to make sure ordinary people know how to temporarily treat a severe bleed, or even do CPR before our medical professionals arrive. I feel so honoured to be receiving this award.

I would like to thank the people who have mentored and supported me along the way so that I could become the person I am today. I hope to continue this journey on educating people of all ages about first aid skills, because one day, it may save a life.