Challenging Status Quo – Vivian Tsang will talk about her path to STEM

Throughout history, barriers have prevented women from holding occupations equal to that of their male counterparts. Science, technology, engineering, and math – otherwise known as the STEM fields, are exciting areas with boundless potential as showcased by keynote speaker, Vivian Tsang.

The National Scholar, TEDx speaker, and WE Day Champion is a fourth-year medical student at the University of British Columbia. Locally she heads her own internationally recognized non-profit organization, the HOPE Initiative Foundation and has worked in Africa implementing the World Health Organization toolkit for prevention of infectious diseases.

Through strategic planning, she was able to fund her entire undergraduate and medical degree through scholarships and created a mentorship program serving thousands of high school students every year.

Vivian Tsang talks about STEM: Imagine a future where the impossible becomes possible – where robots perform surgery, where artificial intelligence systems help uncover crimes, where quantum computing allows us to solve wicked problems.

Vivian is also involved in pediatric patient advocacy and serves on the Board of Directors on the International Children’s Advisory Network. She hopes to dedicate her life to improving healthcare accessibility and reducing social inequalities for vulnerable population groups.

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This news was composed by Zenya Karpiejuk, Interns from Simon Fraser University

Note: This event and interns are funded and sponsored by Canadian Red Cross & Government of Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada)