Diane Rolston is telling high school girls “The Secrets to Your Success” at DIBI Virtual Conference, November 21st

This year for the 2020 Dream It Be It Virtual Career Conference, we are fortunate to have Diane Rolston as one of the keynote speakers!

As an someone who runs a business, speaks on international stages, 3-time author, and mother of two on top of all that. Diane knows firsthand about creating work/life balance. Diane is recognized as one of the most trusted, business and motivational keynote speakers and coaches. Her systems & processes help her clients have “clarity” on what to focus on, the “confidence” to go or it, and an “action” plan for tangible steps.

In this virtual conference, Diane will be presenting “The Secrets to Your Success”. This presentation will encompass how to explore careers, how to turn failure into success, and how to put dreams into action. What the viewers will take away from Diane’s presentation is:

1. Knowing how to measure your current success, so you know which goals you want to focus on.
2. Having a tool to see how balanced your life is, so you can reduce stress & rise above obstacles.
3. Creating a plan for your current and future life, so you can have success, live your dreams and achieve the goals you desire.

In addition to her presentation, Diane will be leading a “Wheel of Life” activity. The objectives of this activity is to help achieve these items:
• How to discover your dreams
• How to create achievable goals
• How to rise above obstacles
• How to balance your stress

She hopes that by the end of her presentation, the viewers will be left with the knowledge and tools needed to jumpstart their future, and will be able to plan the steps needed in order to reach their goals!

For more information:
contact: dibi@soroptimistvancouver.org

This news was composed by Hayley Eng, Interns from Emily Carr University

Note: This event and interns are funded and sponsored by Canadian Red Cross & Government of Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada)