Live Your Dream Award 2021 – Noor Kesbeh, the 2nd Place Recipient

Noor Kesbeh
Live Your Dream Award (2021) 2nd Place Recipient

Noor fled her home country which was over taken and invaded by another country in warfare, forcing her and her parents to find a new home.

Despite losing her ties with her culture and her country, Noor is very grateful to be living in Canada and pursuing her dream of helping others like herself.

She started as a live in caregiver and suffered exploitation and abuse in the workplace, but she persevered in order to obtain her Canadian permanent resident status.

She continued on and immediately applied to University and started her studies.

During this time she was also married for a short time however, she suffered an abusive marriage which resulted in disability.
Although all this delayed her education, she divorced her partner and kept up her studies while living with and taking care of her parents living off very little money, however is very grateful for their love and support.

Despite thousands and thousands of dollars in student loans, Noor is determined to graduate this spring with her Bachelor’s degree in classical and religious studies, and will continue on to apply to graduate programs to begin her Master’s in religious studies .
Her goal is to go on to pursue a PhD and become an academic or a government consultant and one day land a teaching position that can pay it forward and help someone else to achieve their dream.