Live Your Dream Award 2021 – Verukah Poirier, the 1st Place Recipient

Verukah Poirier
Live Your Dream Award (2021) 1st Place Recipient

We’re proud to name Verukah as our 1st place Live Your Dream winner.

Our LYD winner spent her early years of childhood with her indigenous (Kookum) grandmother however was later placed in the child welfare system spent most of her childhood as a youth in care.

She has survived the child welfare system however it left her without family or supports until she aged out of the system.

In 2019 she became a single mother to a beautiful daughter named Avery who is currently watching her mother attend UBC as a 1st year law student after finishing her bachelor degree in First Nations Studies.

She strives to advocate for her indigenous community on and off-campus and is a leader at UBC for indigenous students there.

Verukah Poirier’s main inspiration for the work she does is Indigenous youth, and trying to show them that no matter our life circumstances, we can succeed in every space and we deserve to attain every passion we pursue.