Support Anna a Ukrainian Refugee Student from Gdansk to Vancouver

We have received a letter from President of Soroptimist in Gdansk, Poland:

… over 2 million Ukrainian refugees – women and children have come to our country so we, the Soroptimists, try to do our best to help them.

Our club offers support in many ways and one of them is to help Ukrainians who want to go to other countries. So far we have managed to help 2 families thanks to the Soroptimist contacts.

Now I am dealing with a request from a young woman, who is hosted by one of our club members. She is a graphic designer and would like to continue her education in Canada.

She has applied to an arts college in Vancouver and has been accepted so now she is waiting for a Canadian visa. She has asked us if we could help her with relocation costs and finding accommodation in Vancouver.

Anna is from Kharkiv – the city has been almost completely destroyed as you can see it in the articles. She is depressed because she left there her mother – a pharmacist, who distributes medicines from her country house while one of her close friends was killed and the other is seriously wounded after a bomb attack.

Anna’s plan to Vancouver:

  • She has been awarded scholarship from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts to cover all her tuition.
  • She is planning to get a part-time job in Vancouver to cover her living.
  • She is looking for help to her traveling fee & a place to stay.

A one-way airline ticket from Gdansk to Vancouver ranged between $500 – $700. Our goal is to support her $1000 so she can manage to achieve her goal.

Are you and we able to help her?

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