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MAIN TOPICS in 2024: Unraveling the mystery surrounding the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence on our careers and lives.

Role models for women in STEM – Journeys to be Professional Engineers

Anja Lanz & Damineh Akhavan are award-winning Professional Engineers (P.Eng.) and Fellows of Engineers Canada (FEC). They are the founders of Global Women in STEM Inc. and have made significant contributions to promoting human rights for women and equity-deserving groups, challenging the status quo in STEM.

In this episode, Anja and Damineh discussed their journeys to becoming engineers. They also talked about the impact of technology and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) on our lives and how important to form a community to link and support all ages together to face the rapid change of the technology.

To learn more about Anja Lanz & Damineh Akhavan: Profile Page

MAIN TOPICS in 2023: High school students chat with Youth Mental Health & Life Coaches about their dreams, obstacles, mindsets, friends, families and academic or career plans. Those discussions between students and mentors are great resources and guidelines for other students who may encounter the same situations now and future. And the stories of how they overcame difficulties and achieved goals will inspire other students of the same age.

Girls in STEM – Be Change Makers & Be Critical Thinkers

Sahithya initiated a STEM club in school. Zoyia initiated a Cure for Cancer team in school. Both of them love sciences and both of them care about our community. Their stories encorage other teens to be change makers and to be critical thinkers. (host: Donna Webb)

Sahithya & Zoyia are the recipients of the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award 2023

A Neurodivergent Girl Inspires the World

The journey a neurodivergent girl has gone through – from being bullied and feeling blamed in school to becoming a youth ambassador for VarietyBC and the author of her book. She loves Math and enjoys reading. (host: Donna Webb)

Esabella is a recipient of the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award 2023

Path to Truth and Reconciliation

A high school student, Dominique, tells us what they have done in school and what should be done to pave the way to Truth and Reconciliation. Huy ch q’u (host: Laurie Edmundson)

Dominique is a recipient of the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award 2023

Turning Grief Into Gratitude

At the age of 13, sadly, Serin lost her friend. How did she overcome her sadness and turn her grief into gratitude and help other teens in our community and from overseas? Listen on. (host: Laurie Edmundson)

Serin is a recipient of the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award 2023

NOTE: The podcast has a safe and comfortable environment for students to talk. Students’ faces are not appearing, and all participants are only called by their first names. Parents or guardians of the students know who their kids are talking to before their audio recording.


MAIN TOPICS in 2021: 1) College students shared their life journeys to where they are at post-secondary schools and what they want to be in the future. 2) Life coaches talked about techniques to gain self-confidence and prevent bullying.

Amaara Dhanji

  • Former Soropitmist Violet Richardson Award Recipient
  • Grew up in Burnaby, B.C.
  • Graduated with Business Major
  • Currently working in Digital Marketing in Toronto

Amaara Dhanji, a Former Violet Richardson Award Recipient Talks About Her Journey to Her Digital Marketing Career in Toronto

Noor Kesbeh

  • Soropitmist Live Your Dream Award 2021 Recipient
  • Left her home country due to war, and found home in Canada
  • Currently studying at UBC for Classical and Religious Studies and will continue on to apply to graduate programs in religious studies
  • Her goal is to go on to pursue a PhD and become an academic or a government consultant and one day land a teaching position that can pay it forward and help someone else to achieve their dream.

Noor Kesbeh, a UBC Student in Classical and Religious Studies Talks about Her immigration journey, life and dream in Canada.

Julia Du

  • Julia is a 4th year undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts, UBC, majoring in Political Science.
  • She plans to pursue a Master of Management at Sauder School of Business, UBC.
  • Julia is also an entrepreneur – she has a side business in eyelash extensions.

Julia Du, a 4th Year Undergraduate Student at UBC and an Entrepreneur, Talks About Her Asian Family vs Her Ambitious Interest to Pave Her Career Route

Verukah Poirier

  • Verukah Poirier is the 1st Place Recipient of Soropitmist Live Your Dream Award 2021
  • She is Cree-Metis from Treaty 6 territories. Her family is from the Samson Cree Nation.
  • She is finishing her 1st year of Law at UBC Allard School of Law. Before Law, she attended UBC to receive a Bachelor of Arts in First Nations Studies.
  • She is now a mother to a 1 year old and currently work as UBC’s First Nations House of Learning Indigenous Wellness Coordinator.
  • Verukah Poirier’s main inspiration for the work she does is Indigenous youth, and trying to show them that no matter our life circumstances, we can succeed in every space and we deserve to attain every passion we pursue.

Verukah Poirier, The First Place Recipient of Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award, Talks About Indigenous Student’s Journey to UBC Allard School of Law

Anita Roberts

  • Anita Roberts has been working in the field of violence prevention and women’s empowerment since 1976.
  • She is the founder of and guiding force behind the internationally acclaimed, Safeteen Program – www.safeteen.ca/
  • She was chosen as a Canadian representative on Violence Against Women to the United Nations and is currently on the Federal Task Force to develop a National Action Plan to end violence against women and children.
  • “Teaching our children how to make choices from a place of inner wisdom is the best prevention strategy of all.” – Anita Roberts

Anita Roberts, Founder of Safeteen Talks About Inner Power and How to be a Wise Woman to Say No

Michelle Tremblay

  • Michelle Tremblay is the founder of MPower Lives Company – https://mpowerlives.com/
  • She is recognized as a powerful speaker, great motivator and compassionate leader.
  • She believes each individual can feel valued, confident, and responsible through the proper tools, support and workplace conditions.
  • For over the last 9 years her work has also consisted of teaching, mentoring and coaching children and youth with bully prevention training in school and after school programs, non-for-profit agencies, recreation centres, private organizations, personal and group coaching clients.

Michelle Tremblay, Founder of MPower Lives Company Talks About the Techniques and Strategies for Teenagers to be Mindful, to Define Bullying vs Meanness, and to Gain Self Value and Confidence

Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award 2021

  • First Place Recipient: Aishwarya Heran
  • Second Place Recipient: Rachel Dong
  • Third Place Recipient: Isabel Huang
  • Third Place Recipient: Riea Singh
  • Three Judges: Lisa Shen, Sheila Carter, Amaara Dhanji

Four High School Female Students Talk About Their Volunteer Works and How Their Volunteer Experiences Impact Their Life and Career Choices & Their Ways to Manage Through Covid Pandemic