Wish Bag 2014

THANKS to Carla for leading us another successful WISH Bags 2014.

THANKS for your generous donations and contribution of time to:

  • Béatrice De Faria (Kanata Blanket),
  • Bruce Kennedy
  • Candace Goegan (Goegan Spa),
  • Charlene Lal,
  • Colleen Penrowley (Soroptimist Tri Cities),
  • Daniela Duva (Survivor Fitness),
  • Deborah Goegan (Rosewood Manor),
  • Diana Palmer (Soroptimist Palm Desert),
  • Eileen Wong,
  • Jennifer Macintyre,
  • Jodi Pelling,
  • Lavina Huang (Taiwan),
  • Miriam Hawkins,
  • Sarah Wu,
  • Shirley Webster (RBC), and
  • ALL the Soroptimist members who pitched in!

Together, we made 125 bags for the WISH Drop-in Centre Society, 20 bags for Imouto House and we will be making 75 reader-bags for Queen Alexandra Elementary School in Vancouver. Excess items collected were donated to WISH to help fill their Christmas Day Bags.

WISH Bags Slideshow:

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