President’s Report for Year 2013 – 2014

Last year, the keywords for our club were “Continuation” and “Encouragement.”

We positioned ourselves as continuation from the past – not just the tangible resources, but also the talents, wisdom and community connections that our members have conducted for the club over the past years.

We encouraged our own members to participate in events, meetings and conference. We encouraged as many people as possible from the public to be judges of our awards, to perform in our events, and also to volunteer and contribute to our events.

The purpose of Continuation & Encouragement is to let members feel proud of being Soroptimists and also feel grateful for what we have today.


We held so many events last year:

  • Gala in November 2013
  • Christmas Lunch & Wish Bag in December 2013
  • Theathre Night in April 2014
  • Awards Ceremony for Women’s Opportunity Awards, Violet Richardson Awards and Helen McCrae Award in April 2014 – we gave 6 Women’s Opportunity Awards, 2 Violet Richardson Awards, and 1 Helen McCrae Award
  • There were 5 of our members attended WCR Conference in April 2014

We also invited many guest speakers from our community:

  • We invited Dr. Gem Munro from Amarok Society in November 2013
  • We invited Christine Stardom from ASK Friendship Soceity in February 2014
  • We invited Anita Roberts from SafeTeen in March 2014
  • We invited Caroline MacGillivray from Beauty Night Society in May 2014

From all the projects, events and meetings we went through together, we learned more about our club and community, we were touched by those who have devoted their time and talents for our club and community, and we learned the connections and organizations that SI Vancouver has sponsored for so many years! We just feel proud to be Soroptimists in Vancouver!

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Thanks to all the club members, board members, committees and volunteers from general public.

Ching Shih, President
Soroptimist International of Vancouver